We want you to thrive

We have a vision for a new way to do things; a blueprint that captivates the needs of those seeking well-being and those with something to teach.

We have a Vision

For a new way to do things. A blueprint that captivates the needs of those seeking well-being and those with something to teach.


We don’t want marginalized groups to just be allowed into this new space, we want this space to be inspired by and created for them. 

Shift the Focus

 We are shifting the focus to self-love. We want to change who has access to these experiences and information, and who has the microphone.

We amplify the voices of those who have a mission in promoting self-love, healing, and community.

iii of pentacles

The iii of pentacles from the tarot represents the idea that we can build something more powerful and beautiful through collaboration. Diversity in skills, resources, and ideas is necessary to implement a revelatory vision.

We see powerful localized communities emerging. We exist as a space where the leaders of those communities can come together and cross-pollinate to bring together a larger, more diverse and energetic community.

This is how we envision creating a massive shift in how we define and access health and well-being, through building a community aligned with the same meaningful intention. It’s a system built with abundance, where every component thrives.

About the Founder

Ash Atwood has been a wellness trainer for 12 years, starting their career working with collegiate athletes, and then transitioning into personal training.

It did not take long for Ash to identify the gap between the information they had learned in exercise science classes and the real needs of their clients. The problem was not their clients’ bodies, the problem was the way clients had been taught to feel about those bodies.

By connecting to clients and understanding their individual needs, Ash’s perception of the fitness and wellness industry dramatically shifted.

Ash was inspired by a movement within that industry that was shifting the focus of well-being to self-love, healing, and community. iii of pentacles was created by and for the people who are creating a shift, and forming inclusive spaces.

Our Collaborators

About our Collaborators

Meet the community builders who are shifting the way we define and access well-being.

Rahel Schafer

Experience Facilitator
Shannon Dolan is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner that focuses on helping productive women balance hormones and increase energy so they can live the life they've always dreamed! She incorporates holistic modalities of nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and mindset to enhance each clients understanding of their individual needs. By doing so, Shannon is able to help women break free from negative body image, and allows women to step into their innate power.

Shannon Dolan

Owner of Health with Shannon
Founder of Mockingbird Adaptive, a virtual healing space that offers tools for individuals with all abilities. Services include Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops (special focus on womxn’s teachings and tools for social workers), Adaptive Yoga Classes and Skill Development Coaching for adults with Autism, Kundalini 1:1 Coaching, and Reiki + Sound Healing Treatments. She offers private groups and events by request. Abigail is also a crystal enthusiast, with personal healing and transformation with her daily use of crystals. She created Crystal Clear Pouches to share these healing tools with her students, clients, and anyone else who wants to tap into crystal energy.

Abigail Julia

Owner of Mockingbird Adaptive

Ginger Webb

Owner of Texas Medicinals & Sacred Journey School of Herbalism

Juan Anguiano


Laura “Kirtan” Marcotte

Owner of 4th chakra

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